About Nerve

We’re called Nerve Gaming and just incase you missed it we’re back in business! As an amateur organisation looking to strive for greatness. We expect to do so with the owner being truly dedicated to whatever he does, this is @Nerve_FozZii, CEO and Founder of Nerve. He brought in alongside him two dedicated individuals. These are @EcHo_Kieyran and @Eadxnn, who both share a high internet in the esports scene and will be doing their best to ensure steady growth and success at Nerve.

Over the next couple of months we’re expecting to find a strong Call of Duty team along with expanding to other games such as CS:GO, League of Legends and DOTA. Also to find a strong group of Youtubers and streamers to help promote our brand and looking to expand our staff to make everything better for all of you!

Feel free to email "nervehqbusiness@outlook.com" regarding any inquiries.

Take a look around our website and please leave us some feedback, so that we can continue to improve the website. We love you guys and thanks for all the support you give us!